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how to get RLS relief for achy legs

3 Easy Stretches To Relieve Achy Legs At Night

The average person will tell you Restless Leg Syndrome is purely a neurological problem; however recent studies indicate this is not entirely true. Other studies will tell you RLS is the result of not enough proper blood circulation. At the end of the day, if you suffer from restless legs, you probably care more about remedies to get rls relief rather than spending all day wondering exactly what caused it.

Well today, you are in luck because we are going to share three exercises that can start reducing some of your restless leg discomfort starting today! You would be surprised to know engaging in a few simple stretches each day can really alleviate leg pain and restore flexibility back into your life. So without further ado, here is a short list of my three most favorite stretching exercises that seem to always do the trick for me.

1. The Almighty Calf Stretch: This exercise is simple, but it definitely helps loosen up those jittery legs and is excellent for anyone experiencing restless legs at night. Here are the steps to complete the almighty calf stretch.

Start by facing a wall and stretching out your arms. Your elbows should be almost completely straight and your palms should be placed flat against the wall. Put a slight bend in your right knee and slowly move your left foot back about two feet so your foot and heel are flat on the floor. Do your best to push against the wall and stay in this position for at least 35 seconds. Afterwards, return to an upright position and repeat the stretch with the opposite leg. Complete a few repetitions of this exercise without over stretching yourself.

2. The Healthy Hip Stretch: This exercise requires a chair, but it certainly worth your time.

Begin this exercise by grabbing a chair and placing the back of it against the wall for support. Lift your left foot and center it on the chair. While keeping your spine completely straight, carefully press your pelvis forward until you feel a stretch in the thigh muscle of your right leg. You will want to stay in this position at least 35 seconds. Once you are finished, return to your original start position and repeat the steps with the opposite leg. Be sure to complete at least two repetitions on each leg.

3. The Franklin Front Thigh Stretch: The Franklin Front Thigh stretch is without my most favorite stretch for RLS relief and is also probably is the most effective out of the three.

Start this stretch by standing parallel to a wall and get ready to balance yourself. While keeping one leg completely straight, bend your other leg in such a way that you are able to hold your ankle on the same side and bring it as close as possible to your hip. Hold this position for at least 35 seconds. Once you are done, return to your starting position and repeat the steps using the opposite leg. Again, you should complete at least two repetitions on each leg.

Believe it or not, that is it! If you complete these three exercises every day, you will see a great improvement in your flexibility and reduction in your leg pain level. Doing these three stretches every day really helps me keep my RLS away. If you are looking for more exercises or natural remedies on Restless Leg syndrome that actually work, check out our Natural Remedies For Restless Legs eBook that has simply changed the lifes of people all over the country.

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