Can Homeopathy Do That Trick?

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Seeking an alternative way of treating restless leg syndrome? Why not give homeopathy a try? While not completely understood, homeopathy is being touted as a miracle cure for a variety of ailments. One of them being restless leg syndrome.

What is restless leg syndrome?

People who suffer from RLS may experience symptoms that may be described as a tingly or burning sensation in their lower legs. The only natural relief seems to come from a combination of frequent movement or even hot or cold therapy. Victims may be sleep deprived due to the uncomfortable sensations and the involuntary muscle spasms that plague the lower limbs.

The reason RLS may happen has yet to be determined, but it’s thought to be the outcome of another underlying medical issue such as a nutrition or vitamin deficiency. Other patients may experience the uncomfortable symptoms after being prescribed certain medications. While the disease isn’t fatal by any means, the symptoms can make downright miserable if you can’t seem to get a handle on it.

Potential Causes of RLS
• An Iron or Folic Deficiency.
• Hormonal imbalances that are the result of puberty, menstrual cycles or even menopause.
• Hypo or hyperglycemia
• Sleep Apnea
• Stress
• Tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine use.
• Certain prescription drugs such as anti-depressants, anti-nausea, etc.

Symptoms of Restless Legs
• Burning or tingling sensations in the lower legs.
• Sometimes even in the arms.
• A crawling sensation as if covered with insects.
• An irresistible urge to constantly move the lower limbs.
• Irritability
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Depression

Unlike conventional medicine, homeopathy aims to cure the disease completely rather than masking the symptoms with prescription drugs. Patients or experimenters of homeopathy medicine frequently report an improvement upon using homeopathic remedies. The remedies not only alleviate the symptoms, but the medicine is improving overall functioning of the internal organs due to its invigorating properties.

The remedies also promote overall circulation throughout the body, which is crucial in treating and alleviating RLS symptoms. Most patients will notice an improvement upon increasing the circulation throughout their body. In fact, massage or any kind of stretching that promotes circulation is highly encouraged.

Below are some of the most effective homeopathic treatments.

Arsenic Album
Patients who experience a constant restlessness in both mind and body may find this treatment most effective. As if their anxiety levels couldn’t get any worse, patients may find themselves lying in bed awake at night exhausted but unable to sleep due to the restlessness and the skin crawling sensations. While the name sounds dangerous if not devious in nature, Arsenic Album may bring you some relief at night.


Patients who experience the tingling sensations as well as joint pain may find the soothing effects of Causticum to be a breath of fresh air.


Chances you’re already familiar with this name, but just in case you’re not, this remedy is extremely effective for treating the symptoms of RLS. Chamomilla has been used to treat both children and adults of their restlessness and irritability.

Crotalus Horridus

While the herb is effective for reducing restless leg syndrome symptoms, patients are warned that Crotalus has a mild sedative effect. For this reason, it’s recommended you only take this homeopathic treatment at night for best results.


If you feel excitable, anxious or worried when bedtime rolls around, your symptoms may respond well to Phosphorous.


Women seem to respond best to this homeopathic treatment. If your restless leg symptoms accompany uterine disorders, yellowing of the skin, or even depression, give Sepia a try.

Homeopathy and Other Treatments

While homeopathy provides an alternative way to attempt to combat the effects of restless legs, some patients may experience better results if homeopathy is used in combination with other treatments. Before using any homeopathic treatments or supplements, consult with your doctor first.

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